Casino beating software

Casino Beating Software


No need to learn a single thing.  Follow your own UNIQUE report. 100% legal.  Tried and Trusted by thousands of people in over 69 countries around the world.

Welcome to  If you are looking for a REAL EDGE against the casinos, then you have found the right site. We are going to change the way that you approach gambling - forever.

We have spent over 15 years in developing this software.  We have tested it amongst Casino Players, Lotto players, Sports Betting and even on the Markets.  We have had remarkable successes as our thousands of letters of thanks from across the globe testifies.


Casino Beating Software


What is our roulette software?

Our Software is the world's first fully automated to accurately analyze the game of roulette using advanced technology, and makes all bets automatically. We have over 13,000 active members and has helped them earn more than $ 920,000 by 2010, and the number continues to grow every time!

Roulette Bot Plus not only does all the work and can even customize your bets. You can manually decide the amounts wagered and the dynamics of the bets in the format Advanced Easy-to-use. Best of all, you can test the software in FunPlay and not risk a single penny!



This software was tested in 2002 on the BBC TV2 show, "Dave Gorman's Important Astrological Experiment". The test was that Dave would act on the advice of several astrologers (mainly from London), while his twin brother (20 minutes younger) would not.

They wanted to see who would be better off after a 6-week period. During that time Dave took sports bets on two of the lucky days suggested by the program and won a total of UK 1050 Sterling (about $1600). His twin brother who did not use our software made no extra money during this time.


Having testing almost every method and theory I came across (Blackjack, Roulette, etc), I can say something which I hope will save you a lot of time and money: Unless you get into rhythm with your fortunate planetary transits, the casino will, long term, eat you up. You are moving up and down on a steadily descending graph that will eventually deplete your resources.

Following your Lucky Day 'Beaks' is the only way I know of gaining an advantage over the casino, other than cheating or card-counting.

This is NOT a toy...
Get in tune and start following your Lucky Days today.
See how it worked in your past and CASH IN on your future!


We live at an interesting time of scientific knowledge. Scientists say that you cannot gain an advantage over the Casino, since the odds are stacked against you. Scientists also say that Astrology does not seem feasible, since it does not fit in with known scientific laws. However, it is estimated that approximately 400 million people in the world either follow Astrology or see that there is some truth in it.

Fifteen years ago, if you had told me that the planets influence our lives I would have thought you were gullible. Today, I not only believe with every ounce of my being, but know, for certain, that this stuff is true. I have studied it (at first, incredulously) for thousands of hours and can only say 'it's true'.

The irony is that most of the greatest scientists indeed practiced it, from Galileo to Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler and Newton. Consider the odds of all these men suffering from the same delusion.



Get the added advantage in:

  • Poker and Texas Holdem poker
  • Lotto's, State Lotteries & Powerball 649, 6/49.
  • Sports betting, Horseracing and Dog Racing, when to bet.
  • Online Casinos and Gambling, Roulette, Blackjack, strategies and when to play
  • Online Trading in Currencies, Futures & Forex. Make your moves at favorable times
  • All Slots and games of Chance! Knowing when to play.
  • Your report is UNIQUE to YOU! because our software only takes you personal information into its calculations, not two reports will be the same.
  • Delivered straight to your inbox! Once a month, every month your report is delivered in a very easy to read format straight into your inbox!


Some Testimonials

...Well, I have good news for you. My friends are winning money using this software. What I did was, I gave Jessica a print-out. She gambles the most and she knows everyone who is into gambling in the city. Jessica won $500 on Bingo on a one dollar arrow day. A few days later she won $700 on slots on a two dollar arrow day. Well of course, now she is all excited and telling "everyone".


At first I thought it was just another "toy", but over the last few days I had a chance to read over your site and work with the program. It is incredible as I look on it in hindsight. I want to do some paper trading with it over the next few months and perhaps re-fund my trading account.


I tried gambling on the $$$$$ day and the day after which was May 27 and 28, 2002. I am happy to tell you that I won $500.00 on a .05 (nickel) slot machine and played a lot longer on the money that I had spent in those 2 days. I love your program and will continue to use it.


$$$ day for me today. Picked up a 10% JPT at Bloem using my matrix. JPT paid R31 050 giving me a cool R3105! Thanks for Lucky Days buddy...


I gamble at casinos in Blackhawk, Colorado and in Central City, Co. My favourite casino is Harvey's Casino. I knew that they were having a draw on Saturday, June 8 at 21:00 for a big prize. Your software indicated that this was a lucky day for me. I was there and they drew my name at 21:00. I won $20,000.


just a note to thank you. I scheduled a family trip to a casino on a "lucky day". I hit a slot jackpot for $1,800, the casino attendant asked me to play the machine one more time to clear it and it hit again for $1,200. So, thank you from all of us!!!


Your software is absolutely incredible! I just wanted to commend you for such great reports. I have used your Lucky Days reports for about two months now and I love it.



Joining is as easy as reading your report.  A simple 4 step procedure and you are ready to receive your report and hit the casinos when the time is right for YOU!

P.S. – I honestly guarantee you that this program will help you to home-in on the fortunate periods of your life and make more effective decisions and plans for your future. In the years that this website has been running and several million visitors later, no-one has ever disputed this fact.


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